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Published Work

Some of the work that we have done has been published by our clients. Selected publications are listed below:

2021 Strengthening decent rural employment opportunities for youth across different processes in the forestry value chain in Uganda. ​​Forestry Working Paper No. 23. Rome, FAO.
2020 The state of social protection in Uganda in response to Covid-19. A Technical Brief.
2019 Social Protection for Workers in Uganda’s Informal Economy
2017 A mapping of social protection needs and opportunities for forest-dependent communities in Uganda.
2017 Citizen generated data and sustainable development: Evidence from case studies in Kenya and Uganda.
2017 Investing in social protection in Uganda: The case for the Disability Grant.
2015 The Nature of Prisoner Rehabilitation in the Uganda Prison Service: Master’s Thesis.
2012 Social Protection Floor: A Policy Consultative Report.
2012 Lost opportunity? Gaps in youth policy and programming in Uganda. Report available at
2011 Lived experiences of women with disabilities in Uganda: Partnership for research on Ugandan Women with Disabilities.
2007 Mental illness and exclusion: Putting mental health on the Development agenda in Uganda.